Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting started - hello world

Off late, thoughts are expressed in 140 characters on Twitter.

Yesterday, I was motivating a friend to start a food blog and this morning, I thought why not give a try to regular blogging.
This has been one of the most enjoying journeys of my life. I had got serious about photography after a trip at Ranthabhore (I had a tiny Sony P&S camera with which I used to click everything and anything that I saw). Most of the folks on the trip had a Nikon D80 and I was naturally biased towards a D90. This trip also introduced me to a new friend - Chetan Rana who is extremely passionate about travel and photography.

I bought my first SLR (Nikon D90 with kit lens) without even knowing the technical difference between a SLR and a P&S camera (I now realize how stupid I was to blow away all my savings into something that I didn't even understand properly). I was expecting to get amazing photographs out of the box! Luckily, a friend, Mohit Korde mentioned to me about the Mumbai Weekend Shoot and that is where my journey with the group started at Banganga Shoot (10th May 2009).

I didn't understand any of the concepts - shutter, aperture, ISO or whatsoever at that time - all that I knew was look through the view-finder and click. I was a full autographer and was a miserable failure at whatever I used to click. At a point of time, I thought I had wasted all of that money and was doomed!

However, this gradual journey with MWS gave a whole new direction to my hobby and I have come a long way - clicking every Sunday, making new friends, learning the art and science of photography all along.

A few workshops also got me the basics that I needed to know. More recently, I just completed a photography course at the Udaan School of Photography.

While I am a step forward from an autographer (a term coined by Salil Kawli, my mentor and friend) - there is a lot more to look forward to - this is just where it has started.

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